Rotary heat Sealers


As one of the leading manufacturers in the medical market it is important to recognize trends and customer needs and to respond to them. Because of this Famos has designed the PROTEC series.

PROTEC has been derived from the word "protect" and symbolizes the high level of protection that is created by the seal made with the FAMOS heat sealers. The PROTEC series distinguishes itself by its innovative design and technical features. The housing of the Famos rotary heal sealers has been designed out of a hygienic point of view. Surface disinfection and cleaning can be easily done due to the round corners and closed housing.

Another unique feature is that the machines can be easily opened and serviced without the use any tools.

The feed-in guide can be simply and quickly adjusted by an easy clicking system (0-40 mm).

The PROTEC machines* comply to the process validation requirement according to EN ISO 11607-2 and they comply to DIN 5895a-7:2010 as well. The integrated parameter control makes it possible to continuously monitor the most important parameters such as temperature, transport speed and pressure. These parameters are being checked with every single seal and in case one of these parameters is incorrect. the Machine will give the operator a warning and stops sealing. During the sealing process it is possible to We and monitor the parameters real time on a computer monitor and moreover it is possible to save these on a pc.

The PROTEC series consists of 8 models which are divided in the product groups PROTEC F108, F110 and F220 based on their specifications




The F108 TX and F108 TX-P/USB models are equipped with an automatic transport start. a reverse transportation feature and a production counter with alarm.

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The machines' are equipped with parameter control pressure) au Transport sco nsnpeece,d a d re ss u a All models are equipped with an automatic transport start,

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As opposed to the F110 PROTEC. the F220 PROTEC series is equipped with a graphical LCD-Display. password protection, changeable printing sequence.

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